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Even The Greatest Oak once started as a  seedling
Innovations in Training & Development
For more than two decades I'm researching and developing digital training solutions and businesses. One thing was pretty clear even in the earliest days of the Internet: It's the next big change after the industrial revolution. It's not just a new technology or the next big thing: It will change some basic paradigms of our culture and our basic beliefs.
This, of course, includes the way we share information, communicate and exchange knowledge and gain experiences and hopefully wisdom. This major change cannot be done within the educational system - it will be driven by new and innovative people outside of the learning and training business - and their approach will be completely different.
The a.corn approach is to exchange ideas and innovations with innovators outside the training business and develop and test new products and models to foster this change.
This is what we do
The a.corn approach is not about ROI Net Value or Revenue.
It's about ideas, innovations and learning outcomes.
Research & Learn
It's all about learning from others, sharing experiences and test new ideas in your business sandboxes.
Innovation is playing around with new ideas and work out some assumptions and guidelines for real products and businesses.
Plant Seedlings
This is the first step into a real world solution.  The Lean Startup Method and Customer Centric Design helps to fasten the market tests and find out if the new products and businesses work. In contrast to regular Startup Processes, we're talking about one new product as a Pretotype or MVP to get answers from customers and prospects without starting a new company.
Grow seedlings
The Market likes the new product? Great! IT's time to set up regular business processes and market the solutions. Time to find out how big the demand is for the new solution and get feedback from customers about the next development steps. This phase is done best with the "Rythm Approach" and various agile methods like SCRUM.
Main Part of this phase is Marketing and Sales Automation.
From our customers
Bernd Wiest helped us to solve some complex problems with understandable solutions. The Blend of his scientific groundwork, his pragmatic approach and practical experience enabled us to realize the project successfully in time.
Valentina Kvesic, Manager People Development/ Qualification,  Deutsche Lufthansa Kundenmanagement Vertrieb
Some of our Seedlings
Check out some of our Projects and Investments 
Learning Cloud
eLearning Praxis
Marketing Tools
Digital Worker Net
The Learning Cloud was the first independent and cloud-based eLearning marketplace with a direct connection to Learning Management Systems.
It automated the purchasing and implementation process of learning contents. It was possible to start eLearning without any further technology thanks to a license key system.
The software was sold in 2016.
The eLearning Praxis membership Portal helps HR and Training Departments to implement and optimize Digital Training and eLearning.
It's based on the 20+ years of experience of Bernd Wiest as well as his workshops and training.
Its goal is to automate training and consulting services and shift from consulting services to Info-Products and self-help guidelines Online.

Marketing and sales are the communication processes that changed the most over the last decade. Digital Media enabled automated and targeted individual communications as well as huge Solpreneur business -  One Person Companies with 7 figure turnovers. They revolutionized the communication processes and invented content marketing and info products as well as Video Trainings. It's worth to learn and explore everything that is done in this field.

The membership portal for Digital workers is the first deduction of the Online Marketing experiences. It helps Experts, trainer, consultants, and Coaches to develop their own digital products and market their services and products to their customers and prospects.
They get everything they need to extend their business into the digital world.
Global Leadership
Global Leadership Program
Adorea Holding
The Global Leadership Program is a Digital Coaching Tool for Digital and Global High Potentials.
Coachees can set clear goals and prepare for the next career step with the certified Global Leadership Program.
They gain clarity about upcoming challenges and their development potential in three phases as 360° Feedback and virtual coaching.
This Plattform includes virtual Coaching Sessions as well as a library of training and coaching programs helping the coachees to reach their next skill level.
Adorea develops and markets Advanced Human Development Solutions. It's all about the (re-)activation of untapped potential - mentally and physically.

100 % WITHOUT!
The strategies are free of esotericism, psychology, religion, belief, presumption, opinions, theses and popular new age methods such as quantum physics or resonance law.

Digital Marketing and Sales enables small and medium-sized companies to act like big corporations.
A Pictures says more than thousand words and Videos are the new way to promote your business.
The key is attracting customers and measure your success - with automated services and tools.
Optimize your business today with your very own custom-made professional video commercial.

This Service turns the whole Recruiting Process upside down. It's not about Experts applying for a job - It's about companies recruiting the perfect fit.
It's not about people searching for the next job opportunity - it's about people developing their own career based on skills and experience.
Forget everything you heard about recruiting - the New and DIgital World of HR has fantastic ways to overcome the lack of skilled workers and unhappy careers.
Let's share our Ideas of the future Learning Industry - get in Touch with us.

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